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1. Your yard will have impressive CURB APPEAL.

Your home is your biggest investment.  ProMow will provide you with a professionally manicured yard that'll greatly contribute to your home's curb appeal... and value.


2. You'll get a GREAT PRICE and paying is a breeze.

We've mastered the art of merging a beautiful yard with a great price.  Best of all, with ProMow you'll get your money's worth—and then some!  And paying is EASY because your credit card is simply charged the day your lawn is mowed, or once a month, depending on the plan you choose.


3. You'll be dealing with true PROFESSIONALS.

We're not that shirtless outfit or those nameless part-timers who are here today and gone tomorrow.  And we don't cut corners like so many do.  We're certified, licensed and uniformed professionals who'll provide you with friendly service and outstanding results.


4. We ALL speak ENGLISH.  

No more frustrating language barrier to overcome.  Your special requests get handled right away because every ProMow crew member speaks fluent English and is eager help.


5. Your specific needs WILL BE MET.

From basic mowing to a beautiful landscape, we custom tailor our Mowing Plans to fit your needs.  We adapt to you, not the other way around.


6. You can always COUNT ON ProMow to be there.

You'll never have to worry whether or not we'll show up every week because mowing your lawn to perfection is our top priority.  If it's raining, we'll come when it stops.

7. Reaching us is EASY and our response is FAST.

You'll never have to wait for ProMow to take action.  Simply call or email and we'll schedule a crew to quickly take care of any special need or concern you may have. 


8. Your yard will be groomed with the BEST EQUIPMENT.

ProMow uses only the finest professional-grade commercial equipment to get the job done right.  Our blades are always sharp, and our trucks, trailers and mowers are kept clean and well maintained at all times.


9. You're SAFE with ProMow.

You're protected with $1 million of General Liability Insurance and NC Workers Compensation Insurance.  A safe choice is a wise choice.


10. ProMow stands the TEST OF TIME. 

ProMow has been going strong for 32 years with 2023 being our best year ever!  ProMow is a successful organization simply because we bend over backwards to impress our customers with everything we do. 


11. ProMow gets RAVE REVIEWS.

Our customers love their yards!  But don't take our word for it.  Just look at what they say about ProMow's quality, affordability and quick-action customer service.


12. Your 100% satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

If you're ever unhappy with your yard, we'll return the next day to make it right - or it's FREE!  Click HERE for details on the MOST POWERFUL lawn care GUARANTEE in the business.

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