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Do you have references?

Indeed we do!  Click HERE to check out dozens of customer testimonials.  You'll probably recognize a number of names so feel free to contact the folks you know – or we can give you contact information for as many ProMow customers as you'd like.


Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely!  In fact, we have the most powerful money-back guarantee in Rowan County.  Click HERE to see how serious we are about your 100% satisfaction. 


Do your crews speak English?

Every single ProMow team member speaks fluent English.  There's no frustrating language barrier so your special requests are handled right away. 


Does ProMow have insurance?

For your protection we carry $1 million of General Liability Insurance and all team members are covered by NC Worker's Compensation.  Surprisingly, most lawn services are completely uninsured!


How long has ProMow been in business?

We've been in the happy customer business since 1992 with 2023 being our best year ever!  Click HERE to learn how we got started and about our simple business philosophy that keeps us growing year after year.


Is ProMow a local company or national chain?

ProMow has always been locally owned and operated.  We're not a franchise business nor part of any other company or chain.  When you choose ProMow you're 100% supporting our local economy and job market.  Check out 12 more (excellent) reasons to choose ProMow.


Do I have to sign a contract that locks me in long term?

You're never locked in.  Our service agreement is very simple and ensures you get what you're paying for. Once you reach a four mowing minimum you can cancel at any time and for any reason – without penalty!


My current lawn service never returns my calls.  Are you easy to reach?

Just call or email us and your question, special request or concern becomes our #1 priority.  Quick-action customer service is what we're all about.  


How do I pay for your service?

For your convenience we accept all major credit and debit cards and simply charge your card the day your yard is mowed or once a month depending on the Mowing Plan you choose.  Paying doesn't get any easier than that!  If you don't use credit cards you can pay monthly in advance by check, money order or cash.


How can you do top quality work at such a reasonable price?

First, our team is highly trained to mow your yard beautifully every time.  Secondly, we keep our overhead low by operating smart and efficiently.  Combine these aspects with our unique mowing and routing systems and we're truely able to give you a great looking yard at a great looking price.


What else does ProMow do besides mow yards?

We prune shrubs, mulch and weed beds, remove fall leaves, clean out rain gutters, keep your lawn green and weed free, as well as many other landscape services.


My lawn is in terrible shape.  Can you make it green and get the weeds out?

We are certified and licensed by the NC Department of Agriculture as turf & ornamental pesticide applicators.  Our comprehensive Turf Program will make your lawn greener, healthier and virtually weed-free.  It is available with or without mowing service.


Are your mowers too big for my yard?

Our largest mowers are designed for residential yards.  However, we'll use our smaller mowers if that's what's best for your yard.  Our team takes great care and uses the proper equipment to give you the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.  Click HERE to see dozens of photos of our work.


Can you mow my yard just once, or whenever I call you?

Our focus is on those folks needing regular weekly or bi-weekly service.  We do not do one-time or as-needed mowing due to scheduling and routing issues.  Call now to see how affordable regular mowing can be.


I'm on a limited budget.  Can you still help me?  

A number of our customers are renters, first-time home buyers or on fixed retirement incomes.  We will work with you to customize a Mowing Plan that'll fit your budget.


Do you ever have any special deals or promotions?

Right now we're offering a sign-up bonus for a limited time.  Click HERE for details and expiration date.


Can you price my yard over the phone?

We can give you an estimate over the phone, however, to get an exact quote we need to come see and measure your property.  It will only take about 15 minutes of your time—or we can drop by when you're at work and call you back with a quote. 


How soon can you come check out my yard?

Usually the same day you call or in 24 hours or less.  Call us right now at 704-209-0700 or simply click HERE to schedule an appointment.


Have a question that's not listed here?

Give us a quick call and we'll be glad to answer all your questions.

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