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The Best in Rowan County

"We have been using ProMow for numerous years. We have always been satisfied and pleased with their work. If we ever have an issue all we need to do is call and it's resolved very quickly. Bottom line, we would recommend ProMow to anyone looking for a company to do a great job taking care of their yard. ProMow is and always has been the best lawn service in Rowan County!"

Darryel & SeLana Scism, Salisbury



Incredible Staff


"Thank you for the seasons that you have provided lawn care for us. Your service is wonderful and your staff is incredible. I really appreciate you guys, and when I am asked, your company is always at the top of my recommendations. Thanks again!"


Karl & Mandi Boehm, Salisbury 




Miracle Workers


"Richard, my new landscaping looks AMAZING! You and your guys are miracle workers. I could not be happier!"


Sandi Paige, Club House Drive 




Yard Looks AMAZING!!!


"Could you please tell the crew, that came out, that they did an amazing job. Could you please also tell them that all the flowers that are coming up in the yard and in the ditch are something that I did not plant. They worked so delicately not too mow/weed-eat them. :)  Thanks for everything!!!"


Tammy Kirk, Concord


Great First Impression

"We are thoroughly enjoying how great our lawn is looking. The attention to detail (blowing leaves off the porch, excellent trim work, etc.) is exceptional. I recently hosted a group of ladies from our church. Our freshly mown lawn made a great first impression."


Elaine Hewitt, Cleveland




Nicest Yard on the Street

"Nine years ago we made a great decision to hand over ALL of our yard maintenance to ProMow. When I say all I do mean everything from mowing, fertilizer, aerate, re-seeding, to leaf pick-up.  At our request they handle additional projects such as installation of commercial grade borders around our flower beds, planted shrubs, and other special lawn maintenance.  We just smile when folks say we have the nicest yard on our street and then admit that ProMow does all the work! What could be better than a great looking yard with no effort on your part than to contact Richard at ProMow... do it today!"


Vickie Agner-Keene, Salisbury



Thick, Lush & Green

"ProMow started taking care of my yard 11 years ago. Richard told me to give him 2 years and I would see a tremendous difference. He was so right! Now my yard is so thick, lush and a beautiful green! Thanks to Richard and his team for all they have done to make my yard so pretty and green. Great job! Great company!"


Kathy Sanborn, Rockwell




Kudos to Your Crew

"Your team does a great job! I am so pleased with your service. They are pleasant, polite and willing to be helpful. Everything that we contracted for is done down to the last detail. It is so good to be able to count on this kind of service. Thank you and kudos to your crew.


Diane Ahrens, Gold Hill




What a Joy

"Oh what a joy it was to come home this evening and see how beautiful the yard looks. Thank you so much for your great work as always!"


Martha & Tom Curtis, Salisbury 




Keep it Up

"You have the entrance of Grand Oaks subdivision looking really good. Keep up the good work."


Don Rink, Grand Oaks, Rockwell




Attention to Detail

"ProMow is a top-notch lawn service that is efficient with excellent attention to detail.  The team does a fine job that we are very pleased with."


George Edwards, Salisbury




Exceeds Expectations

"I reached out to Richard because I was fed up with my current lawn care company. I'm happy to say that he and his crew really stepped up to the plate! As a NJ resident now I depend on him to take care of my property in Salisbury just as if I lived right there. ProMow EXCEEDED my expectations! Lawn Care has been checked off my list of "things to do"."


David Lingle, Hospital Area




Very Professional

"ProMow has been caring for my lawn for approximately 10 years and during that time they have been extremely reliable and have performed their work in a very professional manner. They communicate very effectively regarding changes in schedules or other important issues related to their service and are very responsive to any questions or concerns. I have also found them to be very receptive to any additional requests for services in so far as possible. I would highly recommend ProMow to anyone."


Carol Ann Cody, Summerfield




Responds Immediately


"We had been using two different lawn services in the past and could never depend on them, never knew when they would show up.  We love the way ProMow is so dependable and you can always email or call and they will take care of you immediately."


Joan & Chris Dobson, Salisbury




Courteous, English Speaking Staff

"ProMow continues to provide top notch reliable lawn maintenance at a reasonable price.  The workers are courteous and always mindful of any impact their ongoing work may have on the occupants.  It is important to us that the technicians are from the local labor force, speak fluent English and are legal residents of the USA.  Several persons have remarked that our lawn brings to mind the "Masters" in Augusta, Georgia. We are proud to give our business to such a fine Christian gentleman as Richard Crouch."   


Alan & LaVaughn Beaver, Salisbury





"I am very happy with my service.  It is nice to be able to depend on ProMow to be timely and do a nice job."


Patty Ritchie, Southern Rowan



Great Relationship

"ProMow has been so considerate of our special needs. The crews make sure our dogs are contained before they open the gates. This is a huge comfort to me. I can't always be here to check after them, and with ProMow, I don't have to worry about it. They also do a great job maintaining my lawn and trimming the hedges. One thing I especially appreciate is when they blow the leaves off the front walkway they also blow the front porch. I think that is very thoughtful and unexpected service. Thank you so much for all you do. I am so pleased with my yard, your customer service and the relationship we have. You make my life easier!"


Anna Zimmerman, Hwy 601 N. Area




Beautiful Lawn​

"We are very pleased with how our lawn looks after only using ProMow for a year. The service is great and our lawn is cut BEAUTIFULLY!"


Carole Croshaw, Salisbury




No Regrets

“In doing business with ProMow, I've always found Mr.Crouch to be very responsive to requests, fair in estimates, and prompt in service.  I've always been satisfied, and ProMow has often done little extra touches at no extra charge. ProMow's crews are friendly, polite and efficient. I've never regretted my decision to do business with Mr. Crouch and his company.”


Margie Cartwright, Queen Anne Dr.




Reasonably Priced

“I have been using ProMow since I moved to Salisbury 3 years ago.  They have my lawn looking great.  They are doing all my yard work at a very reasonable price.  They're prompt and professional.  I recommend ProMow without reservation.”


Brenda Munday, Salisbury




Love Your Service

"We have loved your service and our yard has never looked better!  We thank you for your 

team's hard work and excellent customer service."   


Joe & Cam Downing, The Crescent




Top Notch Service

"We are pleased with the reliability, attention to detail and courtesy of the employees of ProMow. They have been working with us for over 12 years now and we have never been disappointed!"


Countryside Property Owners Association, Salisbury




Best in the Business

"I am very pleased with the service that ProMow has provided me.  They are always dependable, polite and efficient in all aspects of their work.  I think they are the best in the business."


Beverly Basinger, Summerfield subdivision




Extremely Impressed

“I have been very pleased with the great job ProMow does.  Not only is the lawn cut perfect, the trimming and clean up make my lawn look first rate.  I have been extremely impressed with the job they are doing.”


Rick Fior, Country Club Hills




A Huge difference

“I have only signed up with ProMow now for about 2 months, and I can already tell a huge difference in my yard.  Looking forward to continuing improvement!  THANK YOU .”


Chris Earnhardt, Granite Quarry




Great Lawn Care is Now Affordable

"After having several other mowing services I now know what lawn care really means.  My yard looks great and most of all ProMow is AFFORDABLE."


Paul McGuire, Salisbury



Refreshing in Today's World

"Richard does his best to satisfy the customer.  If things aren't right, he makes them right and quickly.  He's very professional in his dealings and does what he says he's going to do.  That's refreshing in today's world!  Thanks ProMow!"


Debra Cordial, Summerfield subdivision




I Can Enjoy My Weekends

"Thanks so much for the wonderful job your crew is doing on my lawn.  It makes a world of difference for me to know that I don't have to spend hours EVERY weekend on it."


Laura Norgaard, Salisbury




Looks Great Year Around

“Thanks to you and your team our lawn looks great year round.  Your team is always very professional, please give them our personal thanks.”


Paul Bardinas, Glover Rd.




Couldn't Be More Satisfied

“I couldn't be more satisfied with my lawn care service.  ProMow has done an excellent job on my lawn for several years and Richard & staff have been professional and helpful in all my landscaping needs.”


Kim Purcell, Forest Glen




Reasonably Priced

"During the 'Great Recession' you kept your prices reasonable despite the high price of gas."


Kathleen Killam, Salisbury




Better than Imagined

"We are very pleased with the result—it is even better than we imagined.  My neighbors have commented on how nice the yard looks.  Thanks again for doing such a great job."


M. Zieverink, Salisbury




Envy of the Neighborhood

"We have always been very satisfied with the work of ProMow.  Their work and dedication to detail has made our yard the envy of the neighborhood."


Doug & Penny Rice, Granite Quarry




Always Looks Nice

"I appreciate the work and service that ProMow has done.  The lawn is always looking nice."


Shoua Vang, Salisbury




Keeps Our Lawn Green

"We are part-time residents in the Salisbury area. Therefore, we rely on ProMow to keep our lawn green and cut on a regular basis.  We highly recommend ProMow for their work and conscientiousness!"


Dr. & Mrs. Peter Nichols, High Rock Lake (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)




Professional Staff

"ProMow is an excellent mowing and landscaping company.  ProMow's employees are very professional and make your yard look great. I didn't realize how much better my yard would look when I decided to hire ProMow."


Daniel Martin, High Rock Lake


Compliments from My Friends

"Your performance has been outstanding!  Your crews work hard and are courteous and friendly. The different pattern that you cut into the lawn represents a uniqueness that I had not seen before.  It is beautiful!  I have received complements from friends, and some of my neighbors have copied it."


Elizabeth Burton, Salisbury




Green & Beautiful

"It's difficult being a long-distance property owner but with ProMow, I know the grounds will be kept green and beautiful.  I truly appreciate that!"


Christina Breitenfeldt, Salisbury (Nevada)




Your Staff is the Best

"You do a very good job and your employees are the best!"


Rosalyn Johnson, Westcliffe




In Just a Few Words

"Great lawn service.  Highly recommend."


William R. Kennedy, Salisbury




Very Professional

"ProMow has been servicing my yard since 2000.  They are very professional and do and 

great job!"


Dr. Prem Muthu, Stone Ridge




Many Years of Exceptional Service

“ProMow has cared for my lawn for many, many years and has done an exceptional job.  I highly recommend ProMow.”


Lois M. Goodman, Country Club Area




Look Forward to Many More Years

“You have serviced my lawn since 1992. Your service has been exceptional. I would highly recommend your professional mowing and landscaping services to anyone. I look forward to many more years of continued service.”


Eunice F. Monroe, Livingstone College Area




Outstanding Team

“Your service is not only professional but, reliable.  Your staff is always polite and courteous.  We highly recommend your services to anyone that is looking for an outstanding job.”


Dr. & Mrs. Mark Lins, Salisbury





“I have used ProMow for approximately 8 years and have been completely satisfied.  Richard and his staff are exceptional.  I highly recommend them.”


Elizabeth B. Poplin, South Salisbury



You Go the Extra Mile

“You do a wonderful job mowing my grass and your staff goes the extra mile.”


Ruby G. Winecoff, China Grove




Lawn is Well Groomed

“I have been a customer of ProMow for 5 years and I couldn’t be more pleased with their services.  My lawn is well groomed.”


William J. Morton, Downtown Salisbury




Quick & Efficient

“ProMow does an excellent job keeping our yard neat and attractive.  Anything special that needs to be done is always done quickly and efficiently.”


Anne Daniel, High Rock Lake




Worry-Free​ Service

“We enjoy the freedom from worry that you have afforded us in the 9 years since you took charge of our yard.  We really appreciate your dependability and your desire to do a good job.”


Bill & Elinor Swaim, Country Club Area




Better than the Rest

“We are well pleased with the service we get from ProMow. Little details like blowing out the edges sets them apart from the others.”


Benjamin N. Smith, Livingstone College Area




Very Detailed Work​

“Great job with attention to detail that makes the difference.”


John Ellis, Confederate Ave.




Five-Star Service

“As a ProMow customer for more than 30 years, I rate their service and quality as a 5-star professional mowing and landscaping service.”


David R. Harrison, Hospital Area, Salisbury




Grass is Manicured

“ProMow has done an excellent job of mowing and maintaining the common areas for over 19 years. The grass always looks manicured. We are well pleased with the results and the price is fair.”


Huntington Ridge Subdivision, Rockwell




Your Money's Worth and Then Some

“In a time when we’re all use to getting less than we pay for, it’s refreshing to work with someone who consistently gives your money’s worth and then some.  I would not hesitate to recommend ProMow to anyone.”


Ralph Baker, Jr., Plantation Ridge




That Extra Touch​

"I enjoy the way you keep my yard trimmed and cut. And you always blow off my porches for that extra touch.”


Bessie L. Dunham, Salisbury




25 Years and Counting

“Very dependable and professional for over 25 years.”


Corriher Properties, Downtown Salisbury




High Level of Service

“We are very pleased with the high level of service we receive. Our lawn always looks terrific!”


Bill & Shari Graham, The Crescent




Can't Beat ProMow

“ProMow keeps my yard tidy-looking in an economical and dependable way.”


Katie Coffield, Spencer




Truly a Pleasure

“My thanks to you and your staff for making our lawn look great, its care hassle-free and also for the professionalism and quality service your company provides it clients.  It is truly a pleasure to do business with you.”


Kris & Robin Nordberg, Corbin Hills




Great Company

“ProMow is always on time and tries to please.  Great employees, great equipment.”


Waters Edge Homeowners Association, High Rock Lake




Eager to Please

“ProMow always does excellent work.  They are always respectful and eager to please.  Thanks guys for the great work!”


Cora Gladden, High Rock Lake




Healthy Lawn

“ProMow provides excellent service at a reasonable price.  I highly recommend Richard Crouch and ProMow to anyone wishing to improve the appearance and healthiness of their lawn.”


Dr. Windsor Eagle, Eagle Heights




Friendly Staff

“We have used ProMow for 17 years and they do a fine job.  We would not want anyone else to mow our yard.  Richard and his crews are such nice young men.”


Mary Evelyn Peeler, Hospital Area, Salisbury




Courteous & Professional

“We have been extremely pleased with the work of Mr. Crouch and his staff for over 30 years now.  He and his staff are dependable and trustworthy and we’ve found their rates to be most reasonable as well.  You won’t find anyone more courteous and professional to take care of 

your lawn!”


Tara J. Lowrance, Salisbury




Can Always Count on You

“ProMow have proven themselves to be a very dependable, professional service.”


Emerald Bay Homeowners Association, High Rock Lake




Above & Beyond

“ProMow provides excellent work and they go above and beyond the call of duty. I recommend them highly.”


Mary L. Kitchens, Salisbury




Like Clockwork

“I always appreciate your great work and dependability.”


Pat Gibson, Salisbury




You Won't Find this Level of Customer Service

“Having worked with many and varied providers of contract services, I can say with confidence that it is rare to find one with your professionalism in communication and customer service.”


Marie Donna Peeler, Salisbury




Friendly, Prompt & Professional

“We have used ProMow for 26 years and we’ve always been pleased with their friendly, prompt and professional services.”


David & Kathy Pulliam, Summerfield




Simply the Best

“ProMow has done an outstanding job for us for over 24 years...and at a great price.  No other lawn service compares!”


Pam Surratt, Summerfield




Wonderful Staff

“I am well pleased with the services rendered by ProMow.  The workers are professional, dependable and always strive to please the customer.”


Barbara Neely, Salisbury




Proud of My Yard

“Nice people to work with.  They make me proud of my yard.”


Helen Alexander, Eastern Rowan



Tell Everyone We Know

“We have been fortunate to be your customers since you started your business in 1992.  We feel that your service has been exceptional, so much so, that we have happily recommended you to our friends, neighbors and family members.”


Mr. & Mrs. W.O.T. Fleming, Livingstone College Area

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