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When is the best time of day to water my lawn?

Early morning between 5-9 a.m. Watering during the day wastes water as most of it evaporates in the sun before reaching the roots.  And don't water at night as this promotes disease and fungus.


How much water does my lawn need?

About 1 inch per week including rainfall.  So if it doesn't rain your sprinkler systems needs to put 1 inch of water on your entire lawn each week.  Your system should have a rain guage so it doesn't run when there's been adequate rainfall.  Over-watering can be as damaging to your lawn as under-watering.  


How can I know how much water I'm putting on my lawn?

Put cake pans in the yard to determine each zone's output. If you're running your system 4 times per week you should have 1/4 inch in the pan after it cycles.  


How many times a week should I water my entire lawn?

No more than 3-4 times per week.  Watering your entire lawn every day is a big NO-NO.  However, you can split it up by watering half the lawn one day and the other half the next day.  Using this method your system would run virtually every day but your entire lawn is only being watered 3-4 times each week.


How long should each zone run?

Generally about 30 minutes per zone depending on your system's output.  So if you have 6 zones your system should run for at least 3 hours to water the entire lawn.  The idea is to SOAK your lawn, not just splash each zone 5 or 10 minutes a day.  The time of year and rainfall amounts will play a factor also.  Bottom line: you should run each zone for however long it takes to put 1 inch of water (including rainfall) on your lawn each week with 3-4 waterings.  


Why is it important to run the system less frequently but for longer durations?

Grass roots follow the water.  Soaking the lawn gets the water deep therefore the grass roots grow deep.  Deep roots mean a nice thick lawn.  On the other hand, running your system only a few minutes per zone actually harms your lawn.  By lightly watering, the water never gets deep and therefore a shallow root system develops.  The result is an unhealthy lawn where the fescue thins out and weeds, crabgrass and bermuda grass take over. 


Should each zone run the same amount of time?

Not necessarily.  Sunny zones might need to run longer than shady zones.  Zones on a slope might need to run longer than flat zones.  Poor drainage zones should be watered less than well drained areas. 


How can I tell if each zone is getting the right amount of water?

Walk your lawn occasionally to check the soil for proper moisture.  The ground should be soft enough to press your finger into it a quarter-inch or so, but not so wet it feels soft or mushy under foot.  Too little water and your grass dies of thirst; too much water and the roots rot.  Therefore, it's very important to get the right amount of water on each area of your lawn every week.


Should I run my system the day you come to mow the lawn?

No. We cannot mow your lawn when the system is running and we can't do our best work when the lawn was just watered.  You should set your watering schedule around your mowing day. 


Should my system be shut-down for the winter?

Absolutely.  After watering your over-seeded lawn for a few weeks in the fall, the system should be winterized by mid-November.  This is to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting over the winter.  You should start your system back up in April.


Does ProMow repair and install sprinkler systems?

No. ProMow is not a licensed irrigation contractor. Instead, we've partnered with David Wootten of Wootten's Irrigation (License #405) and send our customers to him.  David will take care of all your irrigation needs and bill you direct.  He's been installing and repairing sprinkler systems for over 20 years and is the best in the business. Click HERE to go directly to his website or call him at 704-279-7567.

ProMow recommends 

Wootten's Irrigation 

for all your irrigation needs.*


David Wootten is a Licensed Irrigation Contractor 

(NC License #405). Call David at (704) 279-7567 for:


Spring Start-ups & Winter Shut-downs

Adjustments and Repairs


*ProMow is not a licensed irrigation contractor

and does not perform any irrigation services.

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