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To get the best performance from your car you have to regularly change the oil, rotate the tires, tune up the engine and of course you have to put the right gas in it. Well, your lawn is not much different. To get the best from it you have to regularly condition the soil, feed the turf grass and keep the weeds under control. A healthy lawn will be an attractive lawn. The only way to get your lawn to this level (and keep it there) is for it to be on a regular maintenance program that gives your lawn what it needs - when it needs it.

Feed your lawn.


Just like your body, your lawn needs proper nutrition on a regular basis. Fertilizer contains the essential elements to keep your grass green and healthy. On our program, your lawn is fertilized three times during the year - in the spring, fall and winter. Proper fertilization promotes vigorous root growth and beautiful color, plus helps your lawn stand up to insects, disease and drought. Also, a thick stand of grass is the best means for choking out any weeds that try to spring up.  

Condition your lawn.


Your lawn will only perform as well and the soil its planted in. That's why it's important to keep your soil properly conditioned. Our program does just that with core aeration and the application of dolomitic lime. Aeration loosens the soil so the grass roots can go deep. The deeper the roots the healthier and prettier the lawn. Aeration also promotes air and water exchange to the root zone. The right amount of lime applied each fall keeps your soil's pH in proper balance for optimal turfgrass health. Timely aeration and liming plays a crucial role in the overall health and beauty of your lawn.

Control weeds in your lawn.


Imagine the crazy success a business would have if it had no competition... if no other business could provide the vital product or service only it could offer. That business would enjoy huge profits! Well, your lawn is much the same way. Weeds are your grass's competition. Not only are they unsightly, but more importantly, they take from the soil what the grass needs to survive—water, nutrients and space. Our turf program keeps weeds in check, attacking them on two fronts: pre-emergently and post-emergently. This simply means we not only kill the weeds that invade your yard, but we attack them before they even pop up! Our four application approach eliminates the unwanted competition so your lawn can thrive and achieve the success it's always wanted!

The Turf Program is an available add-on to our Annual All-Inclusive Plan. It's also available as a stand-alone service without a mowing plan. Call and we'll come do a free lawn analysis and provide a quote for your lawn—704-209-0700.

ProMow is a NC Certified & Licensed Pesticide Applicator

License #026-14600

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