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Know someone who needs ProMow?


Great!  You're going to make $50.00 CASH!*


For EACH person you refer to ProMow that signs-up for weekly or bi-weekly mowing, we'll give you $50.00 CASH.  

Get 5 folks to sign-up, get $250.00 IN CASH.  


Just complete the form to the right to submit your referral.  Once they have been with us for 90 days, you'll receive your $50.00 REFERRAL BONUS in cash, by check, or as a credit on your Mowing Plan - however you choose.  


Would you rather just call us?  That's ok, just give us a call at (704) 209-0700 and tell us who we need to contact. You'll get your $50.00 REFERRAL BONUS if you mention this promotional offer.


ProMow's Customer Referral Program is just our way of saying THANK YOU for telling folks about ProMow.


*See terms and conditions below for full details.


Your referral was sent successfully. Thank you!

*Customer Referral Program Terms & Conditions


You must be an existing ProMow customer in good standing and must use the form above or otherwise mention this promotional offer in order to receive the $50.00 CUSTOMER REFERRAL BONUS.  The property of the person you refer must be located within ProMow's service area and the owner or occupant must sign a service agreement for weekly or bi-weekly mowing within 14 days of your referral submission.  Once your referral has been a ProMow customer in good standing with uninterrupted service for 3 calendar months, you will receive a one-time $50.00 referral bonus in your choice of cash, check or a credit on your Mowing Plan.  There is no limit to the number of referrals you can submit or $50.00 bonuses you can receive.  This promotion may end at any time without notice, however, ProMow will pay (under these terms and conditions) for any referral submitted prior to the date this promotional offer ends.  This promotion is only applicable under the terms and conditions of this offer and cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or promotion.  The terms and conditions of this Customer Referral Program are subject to change without notice.





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