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General Operating Procedures

When does the mowing season begin and end?

We start mowing many of our yards the first full week in March and the season usually wraps up a week or two after Thanksgiving when the leaves finish falling.  However, some yards begin in April and end in October.  The exact beginning and end of the season for your yard will depend on the quality of your turfgrass and your leaves situation in the fall (if any). The weather can also be a factor.


Do you mow my lawn the same day each week?

You're on our mowing schedule the same day each week.  We do our best to come on that day every week. 


What if it's raining?

If we're rained delayed or rained-out on your day, we'll come later in the day or the next day.  Sometimes when we are rained-out all day, it may take us a day or so to get back on schedule, meaning your mowing may be delayed even though it didn't rain on your day. 


I'm on your Friday schedule, so if you're rained-out will you mow my lawn on Saturday?

Yes.  If we're rained-out on Friday we'll come on Saturday.  If we're rained-out Saturday too we will come the following Friday unless you ask us to come before that.  But don't worry that's very rare.


Is there any other reason you may not mow my yard on my regular day?

It's rare but sometimes an equipment breakdown or a scheduling issue can delay us.  If so, we'll be there as soon as possible—but don't worry, we will come.  Feel free to call us for an update.


If I need you to mow my lawn at a certain time or different day than normal, can you do that?

We can usually accommodate your request.  However, to mow your lawn "off schedule" there's a minimum fee of $35 in addition to your regular mowing fee.  This fee is necessary to cover the additional travel time and gas required to mow your lawn out of geographic order.  


Do you mow on Sundays or holidays?

We never mow on Sundays.  We also do not mow on Easter Monday, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday). Christmas is in the off-season.  We mow on all other holidays unless you ask us in advance not to come.


What height do you mow my grass?

We mow your grass between 3-4 inches unless you instruct us differently.  Generally, the higher the better for your lawn.


Why do you stripe my lawn in a different direction each week?

We change direction to prevent rutting the ground and to keep the grass standing up straight.  It also gives your lawn a nice checkerboard look.  In some tight or irregular shaped areas it may not be possible or practical to stripe or mow but in one direction but we will be careful not to rut those areas.


Will you be careful to not damage my shrubs and flowers when weed-eating?

Yes, we will be very careful; however, to minimize the chance of that happening, be sure your shrubs, flowers and small ornamental trees are in a bed or have some kind of protective border around them.  


Will you notify me if you damage something on my property?  

Absolutely.  If we knowingly damage something on your property we'll immediately inform you.  If you're not home we'll leave a note or call that evening to let you know what happened.  Of course we'll repair or replace the damaged item.  If we unknowingly damage something, please don't hesitate to let us know.  When accidents happen we take full responsibility. Sprinkler heads are the exception: the mower operator often cannot see when they have not fully retracted.  Therefore, we are not responsible for broken heads due to their failure to properly retract.


What if I'm not completely satisfied with your work?

We urge you to please let us know!  Your 100% satisfaction is all that matters to us.  So, please inform the crew leader on site, or call us, or use the "Contact Us" form on the Customer Service page.  We'll do whatever it takes to rectify the problem to your complete satisfaction - GUARANTEED! 


Should I run my sprinkler system on the day you mow my lawn?

No. Please do not schedule your system to run on the day we mow your lawn nor the day before.  We cannot mow your lawn when your system is running and we can't do our best work when your lawn was just watered.  For more irrigation FAQs click here.  


Do you charge extra to get my leaves up, and if so, how much?

If you're on the Annual All-Inclusive Plan handling your leaves is included in your monthly fee.  If you're on the Seasonal Mowing Plan then, as stated in your service agreement, you're charged for the extra time it takes to handle your leaves. This fee will vary from week to week in the fall depending on the amount of leaves on the ground and the conditions at the time (i.e. wet leaves or windy days can add to our time). However, we work quickly and efficiently in order to keep your cost as low as possible.


When do I get my bill and when is my payment due?

Your credit/debit card on file is charged for all services and therefore you do not receive an invoice or monthly statement.  If you're on the Seasonal Mowing Plan your card is charged the day of each mowing or other billable service.  If you're on the Annual All-Inclusive Plan your card is charged the first day of each month (i.e. March is charged on March 1st).  You'll receive an email notification when your card is charged for a service not included in your service agreement.  You may opt out of our credit/debit card payment system and pay monthly in advance by check, money order or cash.


Do you have a question that's not answered here?

If so, please call 704-209-0700 or drop us an email at and we'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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