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TIP #1: Do they have real referrences with REAL names?  Knowing up front what their customers think about them can save you a lot of time and trouble down the road.


TIP #2: Make sure they're certified & licensed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture to LEGALLY apply herbicides.  Yes, this includes Roundup®.  A pesticide license is required by anyone spraying ANY chemical for compensation.


TIP #3: For YOUR financial protection, be sure whomever you hire carries liability and Workers Compensation insurance (most don't).


TIP #4: Don't make the mistake of hiring the cheapest. Low-ballers have no choice but to cut corners which results in sloppy work. You won't be happy and you'll end up getting LESS than what you're paying for.


TIP #5: Hire a lawn service that's been in business AT LEAST 5 years.  This indicates some degree of stability and success.


TIP #6: Only hire professionals.  Allowing anybody less to come to your home or business every week is usually NOT a good idea.


TIP #7: Unless they're true professionals, avoid hiring friends or family members.  Doing so can strain those relationships.


TIP #8: Unlike most services you use, a lawn service requires a productive ongoing relationship.  Therefore, hire a company you know you can trust and work with, and who encourages your feedback to ensure things are done they way YOU want.


TIP #9: Avoid frustration by hiring a company with crews who are fluent in the ENGLISH language.  It's important you can communicate with everyone on your property regarding your special needs and concerns. 


TIP #10: Be sure they do a background check on their employees and have the right equipment to do the job correctly and safely.


TIP #11: It's usually best to hire a lawn service that can take care of ALL your landscape needs.  Bundling everything you'll need all year into one service agreement will simplify your life - and it usually costs less too!


BEST TIP: Listen to your gut feeling.  Avoid any outfit that just doesn't seem right or raises too many "red flags".  Instead, hire a service with a great track record that wants nothing less than your complete satisfaction.  There's just too many "fly-by-nights" out there to risk it.

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