About Us (continued)...

...my customers weren't just happy with their yards—they were blown away! Plus I was having a blast because I was finally doing what I loved to do. So, with my simple business philosophy and a lot of hard work, it didn't take long for my little business to grow out of my car and into one of the leading lawn mowing companies in the area.


With steady growth now for 29 years, my team of professionals provide the highest level of service to both the residential and commercial markets focusing on unmatched quality and customer service. We mow and maintain every type of residential property from small modest homes to large estates—and everything in between. Among ProMow's commercial accounts are investment properties, doctor offices, homeowner associations and small & large businesses. ProMow's current customer mix is about 85% residential and 15% commercial. 


In addition to mowing lawns we prune shrubs, weed and mulch beds, establish and maintain healthy, green, weed-free lawns,—as well as providing many other landscape maintenance services. ProMow's Mowing Plans are designed to address every customer's needs whether it's basic mowing or a complete landscape maintenance package. We realize every property is unique and we cater to each customer's individual goals and expectations. We adapt to you, not the other way around. This is just one way we are different.

The building of trusting relationships has been the hallmark of ProMow's long term success. It's really very simple—we do what we say we're going to do! Another key aspect of our success is we're easy to reach and quick to respond to our customers' special needs or concerns (they LOVE this!). As owner, my #1 priority is for each ProMow customer to always be completely delighted with every aspect of their lawn care experience. That's why I personally stand behind our 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE in everything we do. And those aren't just empty words... you can see I mean business by reading DOZENS of customer testimonials right here on our website.


Forty percent of all businesses fail in their first year.  And even more surprising is that only 4 in 100 make it past the 10-year mark!  With that in mind, consider that ProMow has been going strong for nearly 30 years with 2020 being our best year ever! Give us a try and see why!

Field Manager James Jones has over 20 years experience in professional mowing and landscape care. He leads the team in providing every ProMow customer with the absolute best yard and friendliest service.  

In 2015 we outgrew our shop in Salisbury and moved into a much larger facility in downtown Rockwell. The extra room is great and the new location has allowed us to expand our service footprint into Stanly County. We're very excited to now offer Misenheimer, Richfield and New London areas a great looking yard at a great looking price! 


From simple beginnings to our present-day success, ProMow has been very blessed over the years. 2020 was our best year ever and we look for 2021 to be even better! I'm extremely grateful to our loyal customers—a number of who've been with me from the very beginning. I'm also thankful for my outstanding team who work so hard every day to make our customers proud of their yards. We look forward to many more years of making yards beautiful!


Thanks again for your interest in ProMow. I hope you'll give us a try. You'll be glad you did!

Richard Crouch, owner

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